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Train Surfers

This is one of the most popular action games. Train Surfers Game If you like sports games, this is for you! What you have to do is run as fast as possible. But it won't be that easy to do. Because you will find yourself in a locked traffic. People, cars everywhere… Is it easy to run like a greyhound in this turmoil?

Of course, your goal will not be to run and burn calories just for sports. (!) There is a police officer following you, watching you like a shadow, waiting for an opportunity to get on your back! You will try to escape from it. But as we said, despite the jumbled traffic. You can easily play the game with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Be careful not to crash into trains, barriers, buses and other obstacles.

You will have to overcome these obstacles sometimes by sliding, sometimes by jumping, sometimes by jumping. So, will you spend all this effort just to get rid of the police? No! You will also be able to gain more power and collect coins. You will be able to unlock different characters and run farther. So, are you ready to blow the dust off the tracks, to compete with yourself, to challenge the limits? We seem to hear that your answer is yes. Then play now without waiting any longer. Find yourself in the middle of the excitement in a fast paced marathon!

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