Street Basketball

Street Basketball Play
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Street Basketball

Do you love to play the game of basketball? So are you ready to show your skills in free throws in the game by choosing your favorite player in Street Basketball? You have to do your best to get as many balls into the basket as possible. How many points will you be able to collect? You have 1 minute and 25 balls in total. In this fun game, you must do your best to score as successful a basket as you can. In the game of Street Basketball, each striped ball will be evaluated as +1 point for you. Do your best to insert all the striped balls among the 25 balls. These special points will be very important for you, so now to collect more points, both touch the special balls and try to make every shot in the basket. You can overcome this game and have fun by touching the screen. Since the game is free, you can have fun by playing this game on your phone. We wish you good luck and have fun in the Street Basketball game. We wish you luck and good luck.

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