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Flip Skater Idle

With the Flip Skater Idle game created by Meyagames with Unity, your reflexes that you thought you had forgotten will come to life again.  It is impossible not to see the huge launch button located right in the middle of the start screen, which attracts attention with its turquoise graffiti header. But everything that happens as soon as you press the button is completely up to your reflexes. We are playing two characters at the same time in this game where your fingers will dance on the keyboard like a musical symphony. We are trying to make them complete the course by moving two characters at the same time in order to pass without getting stuck in obstacles. 

Flip Skater Idle game, which every player who trusts his ability to synchronize and his reflexes should definitely play, offers an enjoyable experience. While these little characters without faces are sliding on the course, we are helping them to complete the course with the help of our fingers and keyboard. 

You can even find solutions to your focusing problems while playing Flip Skater Idle game. in this fun skateboard game with 55 levels, you need to finish the level you are at first to move on to the next level. After passing the first part, you will witness your fingers moving synchronously like never before in order to play this game, your mind and fingers have to work at the same time, and all your attention has to be on the two tiny characters. Be careful not to hit any obstacles. Otherwise, you may witness one of your characters explode in front of your eyes.

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