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Gravity Soccer 3

Are you interested in sports games? What about football? Then this game is for you. This puzzle game with an eclectic sports theme combines the joy of football with the pleasure of puzzles. While trying to score goals, you have to solve puzzles on the other hand. How? It's crazy, isn't it? There are different levels in the game. It doesn't progress smoothly. Gravity Soccer 3 In order to get the soccer ball into the goal, you have to answer the puzzles correctly. If you want more points, try to collect the stars. What you will need most in this game is a lot of patience! Because difficult puzzles can make you give up. But – so to speak – they are the spice of the game anyway.

You have to click on the stone tiles to get the ball to the target. If you don't want to say, 'This isn't a goal either!', pay attention to the puzzles. This game, which is translated into Turkish as 'gravity football', may seem meaningless to you with such a name. Don't look for yourself, focus on the game itself. Developed by QkyGames, this game does not require download and installation. This game, which you can play online, is ready to take you to the heights of excitement anytime, anywhere. So let your wit and skill speak. Are you ready to say, "Puzzle solving has never been this fun!" Then let's get you into the game without making you wait any longer.

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