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I'm a Skateman

Who doesn't want to skate? I'm a Skateman With I'm a Skater, the skateboarding adventure you dreamed of as a child is at your fingertips. Your only task in the game is to take the boy in a red sweater, blue pants and a hat with his skateboard to the final line. When you draw a correct path, you will reach the finish line as soon as possible. And don't forget to collect the gold coins you come across on the way! In the continuity of the game, which allows you to make simple drawings at first, roads full of traps are waiting for you. Thorny places, swinging cannonballs full of thorns, thorny circles spinning on your roads and many other obstacles that will prevent you from reaching the final line are also waiting for you. Although you will make great strategic drawings throughout the game, the background colors that change as you pass the levels will also cause you to become addicted to the game. 

You also need to evaluate the ‘shopping’ option in the start menu with the gold you have collected in the game. Just as you can change the model of your skateboard underneath, you can also change the shape of your character and enlarge it in a way that suits you. The only thing that those who play this game from a computer should do is use the mouse. For those who want to play on a phone and tablet, all they have to do is use the touch screen. Get ready for a lot of fun in the game, unique graphics and challenging IQ adventures. Get ready for an adventure full of unique and deadly traps with I'm a Skateman.

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