Red Impostor vs Crewmate

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Red Impostor vs Crewmate

The killers and their teammates you know from Among Us are with you again. Be prepared not to let the killer kill you on a smaller map. Starting with small-scale maps and moving step by step towards large-scale ones, your goal is to kill all the teammates living on your spaceship. When everyone on the map dies, you will get a chance to move on to the next level. Remember, the fact that no one survived is your most important option. It is possible to play the game Red Impostor vs Crewmate Game from a computer if you wish, or from a tablet or phone if you wish. 

On tablets or phones, just touch the touch screen. In order to play on the computer, you can also start killing with the mouse while moving with the W A S D keys. In order to kill everyone unnoticed, you can sabotage certain parts of the ship. You can not pass the section when you are noticed. All you have to do to get through is to kill everyone without being noticed as a fraud. With the money you get thanks to the people you kill, you can buy costumes that are funny or cute to suit you. In addition, it is also possible to buy a murder weapon in different ways with the money you get instead of a knife that is your killing tool. Do not forget that you will also be able to get to and from the areas of the map more easily and quickly using the vents throughout the game!

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