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Touch Drawn

You are alone with a fun football game. Can you help the player to go towards the goal line by drawing the route he will go in Touch Drawn game? You can progress smoothly in the first few levels, but in the later levels, rival players will appear as an obstacle to you. You have to use your logic very well to get past these rival players, will you be able to do it? In the following levels, your teammates will be with you to accompany you. There will be an opportunity to take your football player to the goal line in this fun game by using tactics in the Touch Drawn game. You need to use this opportunity as best you can, otherwise you may have a chance to start the game again. Now you have this fun game consisting of 100 levels and fulfill the tasks requested from you in the game consisting of 16 different football players. Since we know that you are in love with football games, we brought this game to you and moreover, we offer you the chance to play Touch Drawn for free. Overcome this game with the help of your mouse or screen. We wish you good luck and have fun. May luck be on your side.

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