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Penalty Kick Wiz

The referee blew his whistle and the tough fight began. If you also enjoy playing football games very much, you can have a pleasant and exciting time with the Penalty Kick Wiz game.

Now you need to put on your football boots and start warming up. Because a breathtaking game and a fight in which you will show your penalty shooting ability and talk about your skills are waiting for you. Now choose your favorite country and fight with the team you have chosen to win the World Cup with your team. 

In Penalty Kick Wiz football game, which is a 3 D game, you can control the emotions of the player after scoring a goal with a penalty or after missing a goal. It is very easy to score great penalties in this game which is quite easy to play.

Some of the teams that you can choose and fight with are locked when you start the game. Continue the challenge to unlock these locked suits. To take a penalty, you need to calculate the goalkeeper's posture and shoot, aiming at the right point. If you make a shot towards the goalkeeper, you can save the goalkeeper and cause the opponent to take advantage.

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