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Stop The Lock

Hi. We have brought you a game that will challenge your brain. Will you be able to open the lock with your mouse by acting logically in the Stop The Lock game? What you have to do in the game actually looks very simple, but it is so difficult. Will you be able to decrypt the lock by tapping the screen in turn? If you make the slightest mistake in this game, you will have to start the game again, so you need to take your chances well. Can you crack all the passwords in this fun game with multiple levels? You will have a lot of fun in the Stop The Lock game, you will be very angry, but you will also improve your intelligence in this game. Now, without taking any further promises, start this fun game and give it a try. What level will you be able to progress to? We are more curious about this than you. We wish you good luck and have fun in Stop The Lock game. We hope you pass all the levels in the game without any problems. Have fun.

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