Tiny Timmy and Big Bill

Tiny Timmy and Big BillPlay
3 veto, 3.7/5
Tiny Timmy and Big Bill

Are you ready to have fun in this innovative game? All you have to do in this game is to accompany Timm and Bill on their journey around the house. You have to collect all the mustaches in Tiny Timmy and Big Bill Game, but there will be obstacles before you can get rid of them? You'll get help from the arrow keys to steer the character of Timmy, and you need support from the mouse to steer Bill. The more mustaches you collect in Tiny Timmy and Big Bill, the more points you will have. In order to reach the highest score, you must get rid of the obstacles that you will encounter. Now you can enjoy this unique fun by starting the game right away without wasting time. We wish you luck with Tiny Timmy and Big Bill.

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