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Arrow Challenge

With Arrow Challenge, you will find yourself shooting arrows at your enemies by separating yourself from a math problem. You can increase your number of arrows to defeat your enemies at the end of the game by choosing the right one from the green and red boxes that come across in the adventure that you started as an arrow at the beginning. At the same time, it is possible to increase your starting arrow number, arrow power and the number of gold coins you earn per level from the options offered to you at the end of each level. Remember that as the power and strength of your arrow increases, the number of enemies you defeat at the end of each level will also increase. As you increase and strengthen the level of your arrows, changes will also occur in the shapes and structures of your arrows. The coin option you have developed in the game will increase the number of coins per soldier you kill! You need to focus on multiplying the arrows that exist in your hand by thinking fast. 

Make it your main goal to access the chest found at the end of the game! It's very easy to play the game on your phone, tablet and computer. All you have to do to go to the right green box for those who play from phone and tablet is to touch the touch screen. If it is from a computer, it is possible to perform these operations with the help of a mouse. Arrow Challenge, an endless game, will connect you to it and prevent you from leaving the game until you become the most powerful arrow master.

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