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This game is based on killing your opponents with spears in your hand Poke.io Game. Every time you kill, you gain something from your opponent, and you strengthen your weapon even more by passing what is left of it to your spear. Don't you want your name at the top of the leaderboard? So look at killing more opponents, winning more. Drag your finger or mouse over the screen. Collect red or blue food on the square, try to stretch the length of your spear. Also kill your enemies with your sword. Remove the meat that is scattered around from their body. Poke.io (This may sound terrible. But this is the only way to have a longer and stronger sword.) The longer the length of the spear, the more points you will earn, and your place in the ranking list will rise. You can follow this from the upper left corner of your screen. And on the upper right side you will be able to view the location of your enemies and the battlefield. Poke.io The red squares in the window are your enemies. The average duration of the battle is 1.5 minutes. So you have very little time! You can watch how much time you have left from the right side of your screen. You have to kill all your enemies before the time runs out. Try to make them lunge from behind and kill them in one shot. As we said, don't forget: Our goal is to get the most points and put our name first on the list!

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