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Penguin Cookshop

In the Penguin Cookshop game, where we help a sweet penguin with a bow tie who greets us with an ice-cold coke in one hand and a delicious-looking plate of hamburgers and french fries in the other hand, you will not be able to keep from getting hungry. 

The game, which can be easily started with its classic menu, is equally easy to play. We need to tell customers that there is no possibility that you will place the wrong order. But there is one issue that you need to pay attention to. When you get any food in your hand, you can't move on to the next one until you give it to the person who wants it. This means that you are trying to manage a penguin running around with a plate in your hand. Penguin Cookshop game gives a visual feast for players who like both food and games. 

You are asked to achieve the goal given in each section. By seating the incoming customers at the appropriate tables, looking at the menu and deciding what they want, we bring them the food or drink they want. If we wait too long, the customers who are calmly waiting with an hungry wife start to frown and get angry. Penguin Cookshop offers a pleasant gaming experience where you get hungry while playing with amazing images of delicious dishes from each other. Feed the town's penguins before they get angry and reach the daily goal. As you spend time with the penguin, after a while you won't even notice how much you are playing.

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