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Hello Kitty Pinball

In this game, you throw balls using a piston and you have fun-filled moments. Cute Hello Kitty Pinball White accompanies you at this time. Pull the plunger, pull the ball through the colored pegs and bumpers. So it's like this: Pull down the ball launch latch located at the bottom right of the screen and release it. Blue, purple, yellow, green colored balls are available. You throw them into the platform and you get points in whatever position they fall. You can see how many points you have collected and how much time you have left in the upper left corner of the screen. Each platform has different zones on it. The point values ​​next to each region are also different. If the balls fall into these areas, you get points and thus you increase your points. You can get more points by playing quickly and quickly. Thus, you can win special balls and increase your level in the game. Hello Kitty Pinball, a fun game, increases your desire to win more and more as you win. Each point and each ball raises your rank in the game a little more. You do not have an opponent in the game. Therefore, you can play comfortably without feeling under stress and without trying to beat your opponent. If you want to spend your time in a pleasant way, Hello Kitty Pinball is for you!

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