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Poppy Dungeons

There are terrified citizens. Only a special team responds to the call of these citizens and moves to catch the terrible purple monster that Decays people on the alleys. Poppy Dungeons Game In this case, only one person survives. The survivor shoots and kills anyone who approaches him. You need to kill enemy soldiers who will not stop chasing you along the maps, find a way to get out of your location safely. Your goal in the game is to move through the difficulty levels associated with each level, while on the one hand you need to kill all the enemy soldiers who come across you. In order to pass each level, you need to kill Huggy Wuggy. At the same time, you need to reach the exit door by collecting all the keys found on the map. According to each level, you will have different weapons, shields or a first aid kit. You can fight with Huggy Wuggy in a more powerful way by improving your items with the money you earn from each of these games. For those who are going to play the game from the PC, you can move it with the mouse. Your weapon is self-firing according to the enemies around you. When you are going to play from a phone or tablet, it will be enough to move with the joystick located on the screen. Remember that you will earn gold from every enemy you kill. Do not forget to constantly improve with the gold you earn.

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