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Pole Dance Battle

This game, which we can translate into Turkish as 'Pole Dance', guarantees you moments of fun! Pole Dance Battle This game, which you can play easily by moving your finger or mouse up and down on your screen, brings dance and adrenaline together. Our character is a woman doing a striptease between obstacles. Your task is to successfully pass him through different obstacles in each level. It is possible to move the character on the strip stick and change its shape. If the girl comes head-to-head with the obstacle at this time, the color of the transition zone immediately changes to green. When the woman moves away from the area, the color changes to red this time. Pole Dance Battle Have you seen the red and understand that things are not going well! Your goal is to get a green or similar color and to get the girl to the end of the level despite the obstacles. How many lives do you have left? How many waypoints are there? How long is the track? You can also see them on the screen. Remember you have 3 lives. If you hit someone while trying to pass through the obstacles, one of these rights is gone. If all three are gone, it will burn, so you have to start over from the beginning of that section. As a result, you have to rule out obstacles and get the girl to complete the course. So now it's your turn to take the stage!

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