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Rainbow Girls Hollywood Story

Hey girls! Welcome to the brand new Rainbow Girls Hollywood Story game. The girls of Rainbow High School were invited to a party and you were assigned to help these girls. Can you help these girls become the most remarkable girl of the night by helping these girls in a Hollywood-themed dress-up game? Our girls are very excited for this party, you guys should do your best to get their excitement. Get the girls ready for the party tonight by starting the Rainbow Girls Hollywood Story game right now. Nails, Earrings, Lipstick, Hair, Dresses, Necklaces, Glasses. You should choose all the features you can think of in accordance with the girls and prepare them for the night. Who will be the best for you tonight? All of them will do their best to be the best and you will help them. Come on now, join this fun dress up game to get the girls ready and improve yourself for real life. We wish you good luck and have fun in Rainbow Girls Hollywood Story. We hope the best girl of the night turns out to be one of your help. May luck be on your side.

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