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Hawaii Match 3

Hawaii Match 3 is played by moving blocks containing different fruits, flowers and seashells on the game by moving at least three identical symbols side by side or from bottom to bottom. The game will guide you on what to do from the very beginning. The symbols that you managed to put together Decently disappear from the screen and new ones are brought to the spaces that are formed. At this time, the lost fruits are reflected in the table as points. It says on the screen which symbol you need to collect and how many. if you combine 4 identical symbols, a single line appears on it, and a double line appears on the block that you will place at the intersection of 3 horizontal 3 vertical groups of symbols, and in this way you will collect many more symbols. You can also multiply these two special blocks formed by each other. You can replace the colored stone formed by the combination of a large number of fruits with the symbol you Decry. As a result of this move, you will collect many Hawaiian Match fruits. As you jump through the level, one of the features located at the bottom of the screen is unlocked and you continue the game by using these special moves that will make your job easier. Which Hawaii Match 3 feature is turned on and how to use it will be explained by the game on the screen.

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