Mini Survival

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1 veto, 5.0/5
Mini Survival Mini Survival is a fun action game that you can survive with your hero. When you start the game, there is no object. However, your first task will be to find stone, wood and other raw materials by traveling the plot. After collecting these elements, you can create your first tools. For example, if it could be an ax, a sword or a fishing rod. You can also create a small farm by planting your own plants in this game. Mini Survival game has two different slices, both night and day. When night falls, animals such as wolves or bears that will try to destroy you will start to wander around the field and escape from them is part of your duty. Now, how would you like to try yourself in this fun game without wasting any more time? We wish you good luck and have fun in the Mini Survival game.

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