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K Game Glass Bridge Survival

K Game Glass Bridge Survival is a game that requires attention. The game consists of levels, and as the level increases, the difficulty level of the game also increases. In the game, you need to move along the glass floor lined up like a bridge and get next to the characters in red clothes waiting opposite. However, you should be careful when doing this, because some glass floors are durable and others are not durable. When you jump on unstable floors, the floor breaks and you fall down. On the start screen of each level, the K Game Glass Bridge Survival game shows you the durable glass floors by lighting them green. Depending on which block you are going to jump on, you can click on the right or left side of the screen to make the player jump on the glass block on that side and you will have determined your direction. If you want to move straight in front of you, you can click on the glass block in front of you or you can tap if you are playing the game on a touch device. At the beginning of the level, you need to keep in mind which windows are shown in green color and proceed accordingly. Since you have to pass through the floor consisting of more glass blocks at each level, you should keep in mind the larger number of blocks. There is a time limit in the K Game Glass Bridge Survival game and the time given to you increases according to the difficulty of the level. You must complete the level within the allotted time.

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