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Running Bot

Imagine that you are a robot. You need to escape from obstacles and collect gifts... a unique fun awaits you with Running Bot. While the appearance of tree and rock obstacles that will prevent you from reaching the final may occur every second, the health of the robot is decreasing with each passing moment. While trying to raise the health in the hands of the robot, you also need to collect the gifts that are waiting for you in the environment. Don't forget to buy yourself new shields with the gold you get throughout the game, magnets to collect gifts and gold around you, and big wings to speed up. There is a leaderboard in the game. In order to place number one in this table, you need to run more and collect more points. While you have to go through the trees and stones standing in the middle of your way, you have to pay attention to your hearts, which are located under the game. 

Every time you get stuck in an obstacle, it is very difficult to get the lives you lose back. Although the gift packages you collect after losing those lives are not reset, your score is reset and you have to start the game again. Playing the game from the computer is very easy. You can press the right and left buttons from the direction keys to move, and you can also press the up arrow key to jump. You can use the space bar to restart the game. Get ready for a quick adventure with Running Bot.

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