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Squid Gun Fest

Who hasn't heard of the Squid Game legend? This famous TV series, which has taken everyone by storm, is now adding a different dimension to our agenda with the game called Squid Gun FestThis game, which has the theme of Squid Game, is perfect for those who want to set sail for new excitements. In the game, you try to increase your weapons by successfully performing various mathematical operations. Meanwhile, Squid Game characters will appear before you. You have to destroy them too.

You have to contend with many obstacles. When you overcome all of them and reach the last line, the robber car will be waiting for you there. Once you're done with it, the big win is yours. Of course, the game does not end here. It is possible to buy other weapons and jump to different levels with the money you get. The more enemies you kill, the more points you get. This means that you will rise to different levels so quickly.

What we refer to as a robber is a thief trying to escape from the island. You can win the prize money by defeating him.Of course, this narrative is just a small spoiler from the game. Start now to experience the surprises and an unforgettable game experience waiting for you! So in advance, have fun all of you!

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