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Squid Shooter

Embark on an adventure by joining the Squid Shooter army. Choose Dec weapon that is most suitable for you from the 18 available weapons. Protect yourself from the invasion of players and guards. Reach the first place by destroying everyone who wants to win the game with you. Remember that people who are trying to kill with you have different weapons than you, such as grenades. Try to enjoy the victory by running away from them. Avoid the blows of crowbars, axes and knives. Destroy huge dolls with a grenade launcher and bazooka. Shoot them with machine guns, pistols and pump-action rifles. Destroy them all! Enjoy its addictive gameplay with a variety of gun sounds, unique graphics for free. Become the strongest opponent of the game by strengthening your own weapons and shields from the market with the coins you will get when you pass each level. It's easiest to play the game from the computer. 

You can look around with the mouse, move with the W A S D keys, jump by clicking the left mouse button. In addition, you can shoot with the right mouse button, and you can also aim with the mouse wheel. You can select weapons by pressing the numbers 1 – 7 as a shortcut and reload the bullets of your weapon with R. With F, you can attack with a knife, and with G, you can throw a grenade. Get ready for a unique pastime with Squid Shooter.

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