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Fashion Style Run 3D

Everyone knows about the great power of fashion. With Fashion Style Run 3D, you will also achieve this great power. To get to the end of the map, you need to collect objects that will make you rich in the game that you started as a fakir. Your outfit will change specially for each object you collect, and thanks to your changed image, you will respond to the people waiting for you as the most stylish person in the world. So, are there only things on the map that will make you rich? No! While there are also alcohol, cigarettes and gambling products that can bring you back to your old days, you should avoid these products and reach wealth. In some levels, there are a majority of items that will lead you to wealth, while in some levels there are a majority of items that will lead you to poverty. 

Even the only poverty product you will get in this fashion world where you are trying to achieve wealth offers great changes in your appearance. Remember that in order to get the wonderful car at the finish line, you need to get rich. For those who want to play from phone and tablet, all you have to do is swipe your character by touching the touch screen. For those who want to play from a computer, all they have to do is move their character with the mouse. Remember that on the journey to wealth and until the moment of arrival in the final big luxury car there are difficulties waiting for you. With Fashion Style Run 3D, the power of fashion is in your hands!

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