Clash of Goblins

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2 veto, 5.0/5
Clash of Goblins

Hello! We brought you a new battle game. Ready to have some fun? What you need to do in Clash of Goblins is actually very simple. If you have played battle games before, we believe you will play this game without difficulty. When you start the game, you can send the soldiers that you will use as swunma in the center area according to the time that is being filled on the lower left side. You can defend your castle to the other side by sending the defense according to which number your score is at that time. The game of Clash of Goblins is actually nothing you can't do after making very simple logic. If you move right, you're going to win the game. Now try to protect your castle as much as you can by starting this fun battle game, Clash of Goblins, without wasting any more time. Good luck, have fun.

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