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Cycling Hero

Who doesn't like bicycle racing? Become the legendary racer of the bikes you have been riding since childhood with Cycling Hero. It is in your hands to pass the big ramp obstacles placed on your roads. At the same time, obstacles are waiting for you that will wet your bike wheels and slow you down. It is also your destiny to overcome obstacles and become the winner of the game. Don't forget to take advantage of the boosts on the way. These boosts will help you get ahead of your competitors by giving you extra speed. Remember that you have a total of three lives in the game. You need to beat your old scores by evaluating these three lives in the best way. It is not possible to get it again when your lives go every time you make a mistake. After your lives are over, the only thing you can do is to see the score you have achieved by waiting to lose the match. It is possible to start again after losing the game. Don't forget to try to beat your old score after starting again. 

The only thing that those who want to play the game on the computer should do is to use the direction keys on the keyboard. For those who want to play on a tablet and phone, it is enough to take advantage of the blessings of the touch screen. Races are waiting for you with your unique character and your bike that will not slow down. You will be addicted to this game where you can go back to your childhood and feel as if you are in that bike race in real life. Get ready to become the king of bike racing with Cycling Hero.

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