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Cake & Candy Business Tycoon

It's up to you to grow your family business with Cake & Candy Business Tycoon. Become a candy boss, grow your business, earn more money and invest in your factory.  Increase the production lines in your candy factory, hire managers to automate the process and earn as much money as possible in the idle candy tycoon game. Do you want to become a billionaire in the game? Then start playing right now! To earn a lot of money in the idle candy factory game you will be able to open new candy products, improve equipment, open new cash registers. With the money you will earn, you can improve your factory, increase the salary of employees so that your income is even higher. Upgrade your candy factory in offline businessman simulator. Automate the process at your factory to generate idle cash income.  Turn on the ability to hire managers and improve their skills to earn more money in idle candy tycoon simulator and stay in constant development. 

Add new production lines. The more candy products you produce in this manager simulator game, the more you will earn. Play the game on your computer, tablet or phone. It has different amenities according to each playing area. A fun filled with candies is waiting for you with Cake & Candy Business Tycoon.

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