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Diggy Game is a mining hunter who digs underground with his drill-like tool that he takes on his back. His goal is to reach the great mines even deeper by reaching the riches under the ground, making himself rich, as well as placing the tools he uses in the best position. Find the game on the computer You can direct it with the W A S D keys, you can also dig mines with the mouse. As long as the energy in your battery doesn't run out, you can dig mines and earn gold as much as the mines you dig are worth. You can dig even deeper by making upgrades with the gold you earn. 

For example, you can dig more powerfully thanks to the upgrades you have made to your excavation tool, you can reach deep before you run out of digging power with the upgrades you have made to your battery, and you can find the ruins and fashion shows hidden under the ground broadly by upgrading your radar that you have activated with the letter E on the keyboard. You can also upgrade the mines you find and multiply the amount of gold you get each time you collect the mines. It is an easy game to play. After running out of battery energy in the game, you are moving on to the next day. During the game, while digging towards the center of the world, there must be a wandering truffle to reach the end of the game. It is a game that requires digging, which is in the adventure category, which connects those who play a little further to what is below.

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