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Might And Magic Armies 2

In the game Might And Magic Armies 2, we need to create an army for yourself with warriors who are stationary around by moving the character on a white horse in different directions. To do this, you must collect them by going to the armor symbols that are located in different positions Decked out among the trees and houses in the Might And Magic Armies 2 territory. The warriors you have collected will move inside the ring that belongs to you, some with wings and some on foot, to protect you from enemies. Because they move in a large red ring, it will not be difficult for you to notice the enemy army before they get close enough to attack you, but they can suddenly come and shoot. If it was literally impossible to escape from them, or if you got too close to the purple zone located on the land border, some of your soldiers will be killed by enemies, and you will remain weak. When you are weak, you are easily killed because you cannot fight against dangers. It will be useful for you to go to the treasure boxes in the game and get the gifts inside them. You can make the character move faster by pressing the space bar while navigating. The table located in the upper-right corner of the screen contains the score status of you and other Might And Magic Armies 2 players. By following the table, you can continue the game in the pleasure of competition Jun.

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