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1 veto, 5.0/5 Are you ready to fight on a map where you can fight with the players of other teams in the game. The game is a game with very high quality graphics as a 2D shooter game. In this game, you should also be ready to do your best in combination with your team. As the game progresses, you will start to enjoy it, so you have the chance to improve your game character at every level. In, you have to fill your arsenal completely because you have to do your best to fight in this game. There are more than 20 weapons that are locked by earning XP points in the game, and by activating these weapons, you can provide the right to be at the next level from your opponents. Now, in order to activate many features other than weapons in your XP points in the game, you need to earn more points, We wish you good luck and have fun in the game

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