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2 veto, 2.5/5
Red Light Green Light

The world of Red Light Green Light offers you the opportunity to become a hero by winning the game quickly by passing the line before your opponents run out of time. Red Light In the world of Green Light, just like in the movie Squid Game, it is a game where those who follow the rules survive. Are you confident enough to survive in this world and succeed in making it to the next level? While playing in the world of Red Light Green Light, the mouse (your hand on mobile screens) will be your most important companion and will help you survive and give you speed. When the big girl turns to you and the light turns green, you should start running hard without looking back. You mustn't move when the light turns red while the girl is turning her head or it will be the end of you. So, are you confident enough to survive and win the game faster than your opponents in the world of Red Light Green Light? So don't ever stop. Get started!

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