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Treasure Hunter

Who doesn't love treasures? It's up to you to get to the treasures with Treasure Hunter. You start the game below the depths. You start the game as three people in a field filled with sand. You are also in a big race with the gold finder tool you have. You need to get rich with gold by defeating three friends who exist with you. The colors of the characters connect you to the game one-on-one. Remember that your main goal in the game is to finish the game first by finding the gold hidden under the sands before the people who are competing with you next to you. Every time you approach the gold, the gold finder that your character is holding will start to sound loudly and offer green lights around it. 

When you find the location of the gold, your character will perform a few short-term digging actions with the pickaxe he holds on his back. However, it is also possible to mine the soil with the mines you find around you. It is very easy to play the game if you play it from your phone, tablet and computer. For those who want to play from tablet and phone, just need to press and hold the touch screen or drag it. Thanks to this, you can quickly play the game. If they are going to play from the computer, you just need to use the mouse. They can cause your gold to fall in your bag while there is a chance that the bombs around you will kill you. Play Treasure Hunter to find the gold coins in the fastest way and to escape the bombs!

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