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Wake Up the Box

In Wake Up The Box, a puzzle-based game that combines logic and fun, this box friend who loves to sleep a lot will be your primary goal to wake up the platform Decked out on each section or by shaking himself. This game, consisting of 20 enjoyable parts, will push the limits of your imagination. Because in this game, it depends on your imagination to combine the pieces designed in accordance with the laws of physics to wake up the box.  You can also take advantage of the laws of gravity in this game that amuses while making you think. Wake Up The Box contains levels of different difficulty, from simple puzzles involving seesaw assemblies in which you need to upset the balance, to complex problems including reel and rope assemblies. In some sections, it is necessary to add pieces of wood to each other, while in some sections, you need to take advantage of the displacement properties of wooden balls. 

Episodes sometimes contain a time limit, while sometimes they require the right timing.  There is only one rule that you should remember, and that is that you can only combine pieces of wood with boards. The game does not allow the wooden pieces to be combined with bricks or with metal pieces. Which makes the game a little more challenging. Wake Up The Box also gets harder as you level up, making you think more. As you skip the section, you will not understand how time passes while chasing new records with the points you collect.

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