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Xtreme City Drift 3D

We have a game proposal that will make car racing lovers happy: Xtreme City Drift 3D. The engines of the cars started and the race full of fierce competition and excitement began. Featuring an extremely realistic 3D design, this game is both a drift and a racing game. While driving in the city, you can also drift, overtake rival vehicles trying to get in front of you with your strategic moves. 

Enjoy the competition and racing, speed, laps with Xtreme City Drift 3D. Remember that you are fighting both against your opponents and against time. Be sure to reach the designated checkpoints and the streets of the city before the timer expires. Get a faster and more exciting vehicle. Perform some drift movement on long, curved street corners or around bends. You earn money every time you win a race. You can unlock new tracks by advancing in the game with the coins you earn. You can also unlock new cars with the money you earn.

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