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City Constructor Driver 3D

This delightful game is a free action and adventure game played online through the browser. City Constructor Driver 3D is a building brick transport simulation game. Your goal is to build more buildings in the city. For this you need to move the bricks. There are no time limits, which makes the game more enjoyable. City Constructor Driver 3D is an online 3D game, and 93.66% of 289 players liked the game. Do you like to drive trucks and transport bricks? Then just for you! City Constructor Driver 3D comes across as a truck transport simulation game made from 3D cartoon game animations. You collect bricks from the corners of the city, send them to marked areas. After parking the truck, the bricks will all be automatically connected to a building. It is possible to speed up this process by clicking on the screen. Don't forget to unlock the other two trucks! You can also play the City Constructor Driver 3D game here This kids game is available for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Apple and android etc. it can be played easily on all tablets and smartphone models. The most beautiful freight simulation game, City , is waiting for you with all its fun! So don't wait any longer to experience driving with 3D trucks! There are so many buildings you have to build!

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