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1 veto, 4.0/5
Rally Champ

Rally Champion game is a game in the racing category. If you want to become a Rally Champion, you have to stand out from your opponents and reach the finish line before them. Be careful when turning corners, leaving the track may cause you to fall behind in the race. Thanks to the high graphics while racing, you will feel yourself in a real race with the ambience created by both the racing track and the driving mechanics and animations. Rally Champion, this racing game that will appeal to players of all ages, will take you to the heights of fun. In the Rally Champion game, you will earn some money according to the level you have reached in the race. With your winnings, you can start the next races ahead by improving your car.

One of the best features of Rally Champion game is that you can get fps up to 30 fps. In addition, its high graphics provide you with a nice gameplay. After each level you compete, you can make in-car improvements such as speed and power with the coins you collect while enjoying driving on the track. Thanks to these improvements, you can have a better driving experience with your car and complete every race you enter at the highest levels.

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