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Balls Race

Balls Race is a speed racing game played with a ball in a corridor Decked between blocks. When the race starts, you will take control of the ball by touching the screen and you will progress in the Balls Race by moving it from right to left. There are also other balls in the game that move to the finish line besides you. It is written on each ball how many times the race continues.

After each level you finish as the first, you continue the game from the next level. As you progress through the race, you must collect the gold you see on the way so that you can use it later. Balls Race you can increase your speed by passing over the forward direction signs placed on the racetrack. Most of the time, you should not miss these signs in order to win the race. You should not hit the blocks and black obstacles in the race. When you hit it, you will lose the level. You can return to the level again by choosing the option that appears on the screen at the end of the level that you have not completed successfully. You will be asked to watch the opened video in order to exercise this right.

Again, you can change the image of your ball by watching a video or using your gold. To do this, you need to tap the t-shirt phrase that appears on the screen. In the window that opens, it writes a lot of different ball view options and the values of the balls. You can return to the race screen with the backward arrow sign in the upper-left corner of the screen.

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