Laser Cannon Levels Pack

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Laser Cannon Levels Pack

Do you want to kill all the creatures that can come in front of you as a laser? You can crush monsters with super-powerful kicks, explode them with the help of bombs and destroy everyone by collecting all the boosts. In this game you are a huge laser machine and it is your task to kill monsters of different colors that take over everywhere. Your shooting adventure continues unabated with funny looking blue monsters. You can buy extra features for your laser with the gold you earn during the levels, as well as the map offers you interesting options when you are tired of straight strokes. You can eliminate the monsters hiding behind thick walls with explosives, send bombs from the sky over the monsters with the help of the bomb throwing machine. 

You can compete with yourself with the tiny shooting time located at the bottom left of the game, as well as get extra games for yourself by breaking your kill scores. This game is very easy to play! Those who play from a computer can move the laser device with the W A S D keys, click the mouse once to make straight shots, and hold and release it to make powerful shots. Remember that with Laser Cannon Levels Pack, it is possible to get rid of all the stresses you experience during the day.

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