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2 veto, 4.5/5
Lethal Race

This is a competition in its shortest definition Lethal Race Game. But –not to be perceived as a classic statement- it is quite different from the competitions you know! How about a tough fight in this deadly race where only the best survive? Fasten your seat belts and you will fly! There are many tools you have to compete with. You have to collect coins along the way and defeat the obstacles that come your way. The philosophy of the game is simple: destroy, exist! Cars will also try to destroy you, be careful with them.

Collect ammunition that will improve your character by unlocking cars, and multiply your earnings. Dust off different tracks, show your strength. Upgrade your driving experience with the money you receive. There are many missions waiting for you in this crazy adventure! On a bumpy road, will you manage to reach the finish line despite all the difficulties? You'll need to collect lots of stars and coins as you try to beat the opponents and increase your score. In the meantime, you may have to do back flips and make different moves.

To improve your vehicle; You can buy things like rockets, wheels, engines. Of course, during this time, your opponents will not collect pears, so to speak. While they are trying to finish you off, you are compelled to act first. So now we shut up and leave the floor to this exciting action game!

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