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Mini Dash

Are there people here who say they can't give up games that have a retro look? We have a game suggestion that will make you happy and help you have fun: Mini Dash. In Mini Dash, a retro-style game in which you command a small blob character, you must collect all your skills and pay attention to this adventure to escape from obstacles and collect level coins. Otherwise, you may be the losing side. 

When you press the play button to start the game, you can start the game from level 1, and you can get a chance to pass the next level by completing different levels in the level. Oh, watch out, don't let the bad monsters eat you! In the Mini Dash game you have to use some keys to move. 

You can jump to the left side by pressing the X key. If you want to jump to the right side, all you have to do is press the C key. If you say you want to jump up to the right side, you should press the X key after jumping with the C key. I want to do the opposite, if you say you want to jump to the top left, you should start with the C key after jumping with the X key! After eating dashes of different heights, you will move to the new level. But you should remember that at each level things will become a little more complicated and you need to make more logical moves!

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