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Color Raid

In this game, you manage a military unit. This unit is made up of colorful stick figures. Don't be fooled by what we call 'stick man'. Your army is very strong. You are ready to conquer every region with them! So charge enemies with your colorful soldiers, raid bunkers and take anywhere you want! You won't believe how your sweet soldiers, who run like hounds with their tiny feet -so to speak- put on a great performance. Color Raid Your task is to help your soldiers by determining the correct routes for them. Your union needs to be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in its way. You need to do something urgently against the enemy soldiers besieging the castle from all sides. The more stickmen you have, the better for you!

Let's see if you can defeat the enemies and raid their castle. So show the enemies the day with your stickmen. To them; Give the message “Look, the power is in the heart, not the mold!” When your enemies see stickmen, they may underestimate them. After all; They may think, 'What can such thin, frail, little things do to us?' Show them how wrong they are. Deliver the killing blow when they least expect it and take the castle. Do not worry; stick figures will not disappoint you. As long as you help them find the right route and overcome the obstacles.

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