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Jewel Monsters

Hi. You really like these fun games. Are you ready to move forward in the forest by revealing your skills in Jewel Monsters game? What you need to do in the game is very simple. Actually, you have to destroy the stones of the same color by combining them to attack the monster. In this way, you will have resisted and defeated the monster. You have to move fast enough or you may succumb to monsters. But you don't have to be afraid in this game because there is a way to heal yourself. In Jewel Monsters, you have to match 4+ or more jewels to create a heart bonus inside one of the jewels. Now you have to do your best by starting such a fun game right away. Remember, you have to act logically and quickly, otherwise the monster may consume your life. We know that you are curious about the game, so without wasting any more time, you should do your best by starting the Jewel Monsters game. Good luck to you, we wish you the best of luck in advance. Have fun.

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