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Impostor Archer War

Here is a science fiction game that will make you sweat a lot with challenging duels! Don't worry, you are not alone in this universe. Impostor Archer War Game you will be accompanied by a very brave archer. You will cooperate with him and try to overcome your enemies in the spaceship you are in. But there seems to be a problem: There are no such cool weapons on board! Outdated bows and dozens of arrows with futuristic design. Fortunately, that's enough! These arrows form small mounds where they are shot or explode immediately where they touch. Therefore, you can easily use these arrows to attack your opponents. During the duel, you can gain your general status with the help of the health indicator on your screen. You can collect gold while fighting with your enemies, and you can rise in the game by exchanging them with others. Impostor Archer War, one of the strategy, adventure, skill and action games, is waiting for you to show your archery skills! Share your trump cards with your opponent. You can both avoid his arrows and shoot him with strategic shots. To do this, watch your opponent carefully. Follow every arrow it fires, when you can be completely sure that you are safe, then attack and make a killing move against your opponent! Impostor Archer War Power-ups with different damage levels can be purchased with in-game currency. E.g; rock arrow, triple arrow, fiery arrow, lightning arrow, teammate etc. You can also choose one of 10 avatars to improve your appearance with it. The game consists of 30 chapters and you have to complete them in order to completely clear the ship from enemies.

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