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4 veto, 4.5/5
Roof Rails Online Can you imagine yourself on a roof in game? The game has developed as a course to take place on a rooftop. Will you be able to reach high scores by doing your best in this undoubtedly exciting game? All you have to do is now it's your turn to spend time in the fun game mixed with this sport. In Roof Rails Online, you need to collect the board materials on the platform to increase the length of the pole. Afterwards, you have to collect diamonds with this board until the length reaches the end, and at the same time, you have to push the cubes to the finish line with the stick in your hand near the finish line. In fact, will you be able to act logically in this game that requires a little bit of logic? Who will rise to the highest score now? So if you are wondering, you can start the game right away and do your best. Good luck, have fun.

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