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Giant Rush

Giant Rush is a browser-based web game. Players need to control a small character inside a giant ball, and they need to progress this character as far as possible by overcoming obstacles. Playing the game is quite simple. First, open Giant Rush in your browser. When the game starts, you need to use the mouse to move your character. Use the direction keys to move your character to the right or left. As you progress in the game, your character will jump over or pass under obstacles and earn points by collecting balls. Also, the size of your character will increase. A larger character provides more space to overcome obstacles, but at the same time it becomes more difficult. The goal in the game is to progress as far as possible and get a high score. Players can compare the points they have achieved at the end of the game with their friends and other players.

Giant Rush is a simple but addictive game. It offers a fun experience to players with its simple controls and colorful graphics. Giant Rush offers a different experience every time, as each level is full of different obstacles. In the later levels of the game, the number and complexity of obstacles increase, and it becomes more difficult to control your character. Also, the size of your character increases with the balls you collect, which makes the game more difficult. You need to use your reflexes to achieve success in the game. You need to advance your character by jumping the obstacles at the right time or passing under them. In addition, you can earn additional points by collecting bonus balls. October 2019.

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