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3 veto, 2.7/5
Draw and Destroy

Draw and Destroy is a real strategy development and tactical action game! You have to destroy your enemy and collect the gold coins while doing so. The enemy is waiting for you to attack. You can also determine the route of your weapon by drawing a path where you will collect gold coins. Oh, be careful, don't let the obstacles block your way! 

Don't forget to collect the gold coins while drawing the path where your weapon will move. The more gold you collect, the more new weapons you can buy. When choosing among the weapon options, you should remember that the gold coins you have are important. Dec.

In the Draw and Destroy game, you have to act taking into account the obstacles, as things will get a little more difficult at each level. You may have to set a route that will kill more than one enemy at a time. You have to take into account that when you draw a route close to the wall, your weapon can hit the wall.

It is up to you to determine the rules in the Draw and Destroy game. It is very easy to become the winner of the game with the most logical moves.

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