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Novice Fisherman

Novice Fisherman is the game of a young sailor with a boat fishing with his fishing rod at sea. There are many different types of sea creatures in these light blue waters. You can use the direction buttons located in the lower right corner of the screen to move the boat to the right and left over the sea. You can lower the fishing rod down by pressing the arrow button in the lower right corner, you can drop a bomb into the sea by pressing the bomb sign and destroy many fish at the same time. At the top of the screen; your score goal, score status, level and remaining time are located. Remember that you will burn out if your time runs out before you can reach your target score. Besides the fish species that you can hunt in the Novice fisherman sea, there are many sea creatures that you cannot hunt. Creatures such as jellyfish, sea stars, sharks do not come to your fishing line, but if you throw a bomb, they will also disappear. You should lower your fishing rod towards the mouth of the fish you want to hunt. Some Novice Fisherman gifts come to you by rising to the sea surface in a small bubble. These gifts can be time, gold, bombs and other things. There is no need to buy gift bubbles with fishing line. These bonuses you receive help you progress more easily in the game and increase your score status.

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