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Tom Clancy's Shootout

Aim at targets and destroy all enemy targets that open fire on you with Tom Clancy's Shootout game made with Ubisoft and Cocos Creator. Enjoy the adventure to the fullest in this aiming game where you can spend minutes full of adrenaline. It is of great importance to choose the targets carefully and hit the targets exactly from the desired places in this exciting game where the music that brings you to the gas accompanies you. 

Enjoy aiming with Tom Clancy's Shootout game. Try to hit the targets that are getting more powerful with each new wave quickly and carefully. Continue the attacks until your weapon runs out of bullets. While the bullet is running out and being renewed, prepare for the next wave. 

Tom Clansy's Shootout is an aiming game that adrenaline and adventure-loving players will love very much. Choosing your targets well while aiming in the game and not hitting the innocent ones is just one of the points you should pay the most attention to.  By playing this enjoyable aiming game, you can evaluate your time in a nice way, have a pleasant time and take your eyesight and attention to the next level. Avoid the attacks of the targets while playing this aiming game, which is an extremely enjoyable game, and improve your aiming skills by paying full attention to the game.

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