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Perfect First Date

First dates are always the most important, especially for women. With the Perfect First Date game, it is also possible to prepare as if you are going on a first date with the person you are going to step on a new path yourself. As soon as you start the game, there is a woman who will go on a first date. First, this woman needs to take care of her daily. You can also apply masks, moisturizers, detention masks and more to care for it. Then you need to use the right makeup products and products that may be suitable for a first date. The right color headlights, illuminators, blushes are waiting for you. Then you can get ready for the first date by choosing the most correct clothes, hairstyle, accessories. There are four different women in the game that you can prepare in total. Although each of them takes over the same journey during the preparation process, you can create different makeup and clothing styles to make them ready for the first date. 

In addition, you can Decolor hair in different colors, if you wish, you can also create a color difference between the hair follicle and the tip. It is also possible to choose interesting makeup colors from each other when you want to leave the usual. Get ready for the first date activity, which you will prepare completely according to your own style and imagination. With Perfect First Date, you will be ready for your dream first date!

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