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7 veto, 3.3/5
Straw Hat Samurai

Imagine that you are a samurai. Enemies who can't stand the sharpness of this sword... Get ready to become a samurai in a brown hat and white clothes with Straw Hat Samurai. After passing a small training session in the game, challenging tasks await you. As the number of soldiers you will encounter increases one by one with each mission, each one becomes stronger to kill you. There are also chests that you can get by completing tasks specific to the levels you have passed during this process. To get these chests, you need to pass enemies that are protective. Also remember that you get extra stronger every time you pass the level. In addition to your sharp knife, you will also learn the bow and arrow that will lead you to distant attacks, and you will start washing huge towers. With the towers you destroy, you will become an even stronger samurai by winning big prizes.

Also do not forget to learn different weapons from each other at each level that you pass throughout the game. Be careful with the tasks that will make you more difficult every second throughout the map. Do not forget to use the skills you have already acquired while passing those tasks. You can play Straw Hat Samurai with the help of a mouse from a computer, as well as from a phone and tablet with the help of a touch screen, reaching the heights of fun.

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